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save a fprintf as text file

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Hey, I've wrote a line of code wich displays the percentage of the Earth Layers Volume.
fprintf('\nPercentage of the EarthLayer:\nCore: %.1f%%\nMantle: %.1f%%\nCrust: %.1f%%\n\n',PercentCore,PercentMantle,PercentCrust)
The Problem is, when i use the save command, is stores a text file but only with the number 74 in it... How can I fix this problem? It should be stores in the way it is displayd under the fprintf-Command code line.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 24 May 2020

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Niklas Reinshagen
Niklas Reinshagen on 25 May 2020
Thank you very much! Very easy to use! Just type the title for "MyTextFile.txt", "wt"-means "write", the blue dots after "fid" are the fprintf-command and the fid just defines that this should be stored in a file.
Very Cool, thanks!

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