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MATLAB script in system verilog

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anshuman mishra
anshuman mishra on 25 May 2020
I have coded an algorithm using MATLAB R2019 script and i want it to be called in an System verilog file i.e The output generated by the matlab script is actually to be fed into the testbench written using SV. I dont want to use HDL coder tool as the algorithm is quite complex and re-coding it in SV/ C is quite difficult. I use synopsys VCS tool for compilation and elaboration.
My question is :
  1. Is it possible that a MATLAB script to be called in testbench written in SV ? I've heard about DPI, but not much idea on it, or worked on it.
  2. Can the output of the MATLAB script stored in a separate file, let's say for example a text file and i can call that file in my SV test bench.?


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