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Solving ODE and plot solutions.

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Yat Sheng Kong
Yat Sheng Kong on 28 May 2020
Commented: Ameer Hamza on 28 May 2020
Hi everyone,
I want to solve this linear ODE and plot a solution for the condition below:
Here is what I try to do but I cannot get the plot.
syms E(t) C(t)
A = 1.1;
V = 1.1;
Q = 1.1;
ode = diff(C) == (A*E(t) - Q*C)/V;
cond = C(0) == 0
S = dsolve(ode,cond)
Thanks for your help

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 28 May 2020
What is the equation for E(t)?

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