how to omit the the dot and numbers

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Jwana on 21 Nov 2012
I have this command :
PC_DI = a0.c1.c3.d12
tt=regexp(PC_DI, '.', 'match')
tt =
'a' '0' '.' 'c' '1' '.' 'c' '3' '.' 'd' '1' '2'
how can I cancel the numbers and dots, that the result should be as follows:
tt =
'a' 'c' 'c' 'd'

Accepted Answer

Jan on 21 Nov 2012
Edited: Jan on 21 Nov 2012
If "PC_DI = a0.c1.c3.d12" should mean this:
PC_DI = 'a0.c1.c3.d12'
I suggest to omit the regexp and use:
tt = PC_DI(isletter(PC_DI));
Alternatively, if you are looking for lowercase letters only:
tt = PC_DI(PC_DI >= 'a' & PC_DI <= 'z');
If you need the output to be a cellstring:
tt = cellstr(tt');

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Richard on 21 Nov 2012
Not sure yet about cancelling the numbers, but you could omit the dots as follows:
tt = {'a','0','.','c','1','.','c','3','.','d','1','2'};

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