pass non-numeric data to simulink

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krishna teja
krishna teja on 8 Jul 2020
i want to evaluate a dlnetwork object in simulink. output of dlnetwork (type casted to double) will drive other blocks
i have used evalin to load workspace variable to inside matlab block of simulink. but when i want to run this model on parallel mode, everyitme i need to transfer all base workspace variabels, which creates lot of overhead.
i saw a post saying to define dlnetwork as input to matlab block and change scope to parameter, place matlab block inside masked subsystem.
i have followed it but, i keep getting error Expression 'dlnetwork' for type of data 'dlnet' did not evaluate to a valid type. Invalid setting for data type in 'testmdl/sys/matlabblock': The specified data type cannot be recognized.
kindly suggest ways to solve the issue

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