I am getting wrong output voltage in ideal transformer , how can I fix this ?

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Devansh Tanna
Devansh Tanna on 29 Sep 2020
Edited: David John on 7 Oct 2020
I am trying to model ideal transformer in using Simscape Electrical, This is my Simscape model,
I am giving input signal of , Primary load is and secondary load is .
Turns ratio : P/S = 50/200
And solving with auto(ode23t)
When I try to plot in Scope I am getting this type of output :
I am sure that this is not the expected output, Am I missing something ?

Accepted Answer

David John
David John on 7 Oct 2020
Please try changing the "Max step size" in the "Model Settings" to something smaller so that it resolves your sine wave better. If you are using "auto" for Max step size, it can easily choose a step that is far too big when you are simulating many cycles.
David John
David John on 7 Oct 2020
Glad to hear that it worked. For your question, have a look at https://www.mathworks.com/help/simulink/gui/max-step-size.html which explains the auto choice for Max step size. Sine and Signal Generator do indeed employ a different heuristic for Max step size.

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