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simulink scope: scale x axis

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Swantje Dettmann
Swantje Dettmann on 9 Oct 2020
Commented: Swantje Dettmann on 19 Oct 2020
my question is about scaling the x axis of a simulink scope.
My model runs with time steps of 15 seconds and simulates several hours or days. When I have a scope connected, The x-axis does not really give useful information as 7x10^5 s is really hard to imagine. I would rather have the x-axis display the time in hours or days, but I don't know how to do this.
I know how to do this using figures after the simulation terminated, but I need it while the simulation is running.
Could anyone please give me a hint?
Thanks in advance

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Surya Talluri
Surya Talluri on 12 Oct 2020
I understand that you want to change time units from seconds to hours/days of a scope during the simulation. You can do that by going to View > Configuration Properties > Time and setting Time units to Metric (based on Time Span) option. You can do this during the simulation without stopping or pausing the simulation.
You can refer to this documentation for further understanding of Configuring Scope block.
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Swantje Dettmann
Swantje Dettmann on 19 Oct 2020
Thank you for you answer.
I changed the y axis to "metric" and the units automatically changed to "days". In most situations, I'd prefer hous or minutes to days with several decimal digits. How can I configure the unit of measurement displayed?
I don not necessarily have to change this while the simulation is running, but I do not want to have to set up a seperate figure to be drawn after the simulation finished.
How can I solve this?

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