Matlab addon explorer not showing

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Tooba Shelkh
Tooba Shelkh on 3 Nov 2020
Commented: Si Zhao on 23 Nov 2020
I am using Matlab 2020b, and suddenly the Matlab addon window does not show when I click the addon button.
I get the following error:
Error using matlab.internal.cef.webwindow/errorOnInValidWindow (line 1450)
Webwindow is not valid. It was closed by user or the process was terminated.
Error in matlab.internal.cef.webwindow/bringToFront (line 636)
Error in matlab.internal.webwindow/bringToFront (line 205)
Error in matlab.internal.addons.AddOnsWindow/bringToFront (line 68)
Error in matlab.internal.addons.Explorer/bringToFront (line 65)
Error in matlab.internal.addons.launchers.showExplorer (line 134)

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