whats the difference between svm and libsvm?

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Sivakumaran Chandrasekaran
Answered: Nikhil Kori on 7 Jul 2020
whats the difference between svm and libsvm?

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Nikhil Kori
Nikhil Kori on 7 Jul 2020
Following is the difference between SVM and LIBSVM
A support vector machine (SVM) is a supervised machine learning model that uses classification algorithms for two-group classification problems. For instance, after giving an SVM model sets of labeled training data for each category, they’re able to categorize new text.
LIBSVM is a popular open source machine learning libraries, both developed at the National Taiwan University and both written in C++ though with a C API. LIBSVM implements the Sequential minimal optimization (SMO) algorithm for kernelized support vector machines (SVMs), supporting classification and regression



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