Is matlab suited for game development?

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Pedro Sacr
Pedro Sacr on 18 Mar 2013
Hi, I'm trying to give it a go at developing games.
My ultimate goal would be to make a game for android and i know that android is programed in java, but i'm way much more at ease with matlab..
Is matlab a good program to make, for example a 2D side scroller like metal slug ?
If you have some insights on this or information that might help me, please share.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Leah on 18 Mar 2013
Short answer no, you would need to buy the Matlab compiler to do this (big $$) and MatLab is not great for GUIs in general
Pedro Sacr
Pedro Sacr on 19 Mar 2013
OK, thanks a lot! That saddens me though :/

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