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how can I recognize face of unknown person using CNN in matlab

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M Ramzan
M Ramzan el 25 de Feb. de 2021
I have train faces of 16 people with 35 images for each person .how can I recognize face of unknown person. Please help in coding for this requirement. Here is test data code .For training I have use CNN .
load net.mat;%Train data
myFolder ='D:\FYP\Convolutions\New folder\New folder';%Image taken for attendace
filePattern = dir(fullfile(myFolder,'*.jpg'));
for k = 1:totalstudents
imgre=imresize(ourimage,[128 128]);
present(k,:)=classify(net,imgre);%net is train data and imgre is images for attendace
if I have unknown face which not train in train images then how to write code after classification or prediction to recognized that face .

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