Non-functioning function

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Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith on 27 Feb 2021
Edited: Jacob Smith on 27 Feb 2021
function output = calculateFactorial(N)
output = N*(N-1);
if (length(N) = N < 1 || N > 1)
output = 'Error; N must be a single number and not an array';
elseif N < 0
output = 'Error; N must be greater than Zero';
elseif rem(N,1) ~= 0
output = 'Error; Intger must be whole number';
elseif N == 0
output = 1;
struggling with these functions. If i ommit line 2, theres then a mistake on line 3 where there is an incoorrect use of '='. I need help wrapping my head around my mistakes.

Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 27 Feb 2021
if length(N) > 1
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith on 27 Feb 2021
Ok, I got it figuerd out now, the error is from not having an N value plugged in. *inserts face into palm* Thanks for the help! It feels good to know that i wasnt too far off.

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