Simscap Scope shows wrong data.

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I am simulating an RL Circuit.
when i take simulation time 10 ses, the graph on scope is nonsence.
if anyone know, how to fix it. please let me know.
Best Regards.
Mohammadreza Adib
Mohammadreza Adib on 1 May 2021
open scope setting and uncheck first line in the last tab. it's about storing point. besides it's better to attache a photo to show your problem.

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Accepted Answer

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 21 May 2021
Hello Muhammad,
this issue is likely not the scope, but the simulation results. The easiest explanaion of why the results don't make sense is that too large a time step is being used to plot them well. The results can actually be correct, but look wrong because of the large time step. Please set the maximum step size to a small value and your scope data may clean up. If that doesn't work, then something is probably wrong with the model or solver settings such that the simulation is not converging.

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