What approach to programming an ARM Cortex M7 on simulink?

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Matthäus Mema
Matthäus Mema on 8 May 2021
Edited: Mark McBroom on 8 May 2021
I want to generate C code, for a SAME70 (ARM Cortex M7), via the Embedded Coder. For this I need to build the different device drivers (like Analaog Input, Digital Output etc.) in Simulink. Some drivers are offered via third part software (like MPLAB Device Blocks), but I would have to extend them. Also CAN is not offered at all.
The microcontroller has already been completely programmed in C, but I want to rebuild the whole thing in simulink to generate better code and to use the other advantages of the embedded coder (like PIL etc.).
My question is whether I should use the S-Function builder or the C Caller to build the device drivers?

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 8 May 2021
Edited: Mark McBroom on 8 May 2021
Either can be used but I would recommend the C Caller block. For either approach, you will need to write the device driver in C code.
Make sure to install the hardware support package for your processor.

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