Problem to run a Simulink model in parfor loop

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Luca Barbiero
Luca Barbiero on 24 Jul 2013
I Have a Simulink model with code generation, which I'm trying to run in a parfor loop, with the workers located in a cluster, distributed in a LAN. Release 2013a.
It works when I set the cluster profile to 'local'. But when I set a profile involving an other machine in the LAN, then I have:
Making simulation target "myModel_sfun",...
'myModel_sfun.bat' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable probram or batch file.
Error using myScript
Error using targetman>throw_make_error
I know I have to pass to the workers in LAN all the files they need to run myModel. They are: myModel.slx, myLibrary.slx, .\settings\settings_for_myModel.m. Then I go with a
To make known to the workers in the LAN all the files they need. Is there something wrong in the way I'm doing this? Or it's ok and the proble is another? It's a weired error, I don't get the meaning.
Thanks as always Luca

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