How to save statistics in the function - image processing

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Hi, I am running a code on a set of binary images to calculate the positions and angles of some line elements. I have some issues saving the statistics and results in the error : index exceeds bounds. Can someone please help me resolving this issue.

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KSSV on 18 May 2021
The given error is very clear and simple. The error says, you are trying to extract more number of elements then present from the array.
A = rand(1,10) ; % array of size 1x10
A(1) % first element
A(end) % last element
A(10) % last element
A(12) % error, as there is no 12th element
In your case, check the dimensions of array and run the loop properly. Learn about debugging the code, this will help you to rectify your error easily.

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