Cannot delete Simscape block

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Özgür on 18 May 2021
Commented: Özgür on 25 May 2021
I accidentally added a 4-Speed CR-CR Simscape block on my model and now cannot delete it!
When I want to delete the block, I got the following message: Error evaluating 'PreDeleteFcn' callback of Disk Friction Clutch block (mask) 'CRS/AlgCrs/Subsystem/AlgCrs/Atomic Subsystem/4-Speed CR-CR1/Clutch R'.
I can comment out the Simscape block and continue working on the model but when I want to save my changes I get the following error message: Error evaluating 'PreSaveFcn' callback of Disk Friction Clutch block (mask) .... Callback string is 'simscape.compiler.sli.internal.callback('PreSaveFcn',gcbh);'
Any ideas?

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Aghamarsh Varanasi
Aghamarsh Varanasi on 25 May 2021
You can refer to the 'PreDeleteFcn' and 'PreSaveFcn' callbacks in the "Block Callbacks" for the '4-Speed CR-CR' block. There seems to be some issue in these callbacks. The callbacks are executed before or after a modelling action takes place. If the callback function has an error the modelling action does not take place.
Hope this helps
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Özgür on 25 May 2021
Thanks for the suggestion!
I cannot open/edit the PreDeleteFcn and PreSaveFcn Callbacks since I don't have the license for the product.
I reported this incident to the Mathworks support team. They confirmed the issue as I suspected. In short, SimScape plugin is installed without any license behind it. So you can add SimScape blocks on your model but you cannot do anything with them. Even you cannot delete them.
Mathwork's suggestion is to transfer all the blocks other than SimScape block to a new model and continue working with the new model. I was planning to do the same.

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