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Remove Bias from neural net

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Greetings, I have a neural network that is forecasting financial data. In some cases, my 3 input features are going to be full of zeros. In those cases, my network will give me a nonzero output, even if all the inputs are zero. This is very problematic for my particular problem. I think this is due to the biases in the network. Is there a way to train a networks weights, but force the biases to zero? I also fitted a linear regression model, where I could simply remove the intercept to solve this problem.
I unfortunately could not find information on this topic and hope that someone can help me out!
Thanks in advance,

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Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila on 22 May 2021
You can remove the bias by setting the value of net.biasConnect of all the layers of the neural network to zero. Refer to the documentation of net.biasConnect for more information. If you want to access the bias value of the neural network refer to the documentation of net.b.
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Andriy Artemyev
Andriy Artemyev on 24 May 2021
Thank you very much I will try this out!

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