How to obtain the sum of series of a discrete-time signal?

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I want to obtain the value for the below function in Matlab.
fs = 5000; %sampling frequency
N=250; %number of samples for 50ms time portion
ts=1/fs; %time interval between samples
t = linspace(0,0.05,N);
x = sin(2*pi*100*t)+0.7*cos(2*pi*500*t);
The x[n] is given above. y[n] is the denoised case of the white gaussian noise added x[n] signal.
I'have tried
but it didn't work.
How can I define the x in terms of n?

Answers (1)

Hiro on 25 May 2021
Do you intend to use Symbolic Math Toolbox?
In that case, you need to define your variables as follows:
syms x y n
before beginning to code that way.




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