Modeling thermal capacity in simscape

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Amel Hbibi
Amel Hbibi on 28 Jun 2021
Answered: David John on 3 Aug 2021
I'm trying to implement a thermal model for a PMSM motor. But, i can't find an implemented model for the thermal capacity ( unlike the thermal resistance) so i'm trying to implement it using the cutom component on simscape.
My question is : How to implement this equation in the .ssc file ? to get my custom component thermal capacity.
Or, is there any other alternative to model it?
thank you,

Answers (1)

David John
David John on 3 Aug 2021
Please try right-clicking on the PMSM block from the Simscape Electrical library and choose:
Simscape --> Block choice --> Show thermal port
There is already a thermal model builtin to this block.

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