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multiple histogram color scheme

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Maggie liu
Maggie liu on 14 Jul 2021
Commented: Star Strider on 14 Jul 2021
I'm trying to plot multiple histograms on one plot, but I would like to have the overlapped bits shown as the oringal color (currently I have faceAlpha set to 0.3, so the colors are all mixed together when they overlap).
How can I do this? thanks!
This is what I currently have
hold on
h1 = histogram(data1,Edges,...,'EdgeColor',[0 0.4470 0.7410],...
'FaceColor',[0 0.4470 0.7410],'FaceAlpha',0.3,'LineWidth',1.5);
h2 = histogram(data2,Edges,...,'EdgeColor',[0.4940 0.1840 0.5560],...
'FaceColor',[0.4940 0.1840 0.5560],'FaceAlpha',0.3,'LineWidth',1.5);
h3 = histogram(data3,Edges,...,'EdgeColor',[0.4660 0.6740 0.1880],...
'FaceColor',[0.4660 0.6740 0.1880],'FaceAlpha',0.3,'LineWidth',1.5);
Maggie liu
Maggie liu on 14 Jul 2021
@dpb sorry for not explaining this clearly.
What I'm thinking was, suppose for a particular bar, data 1(blue) > data 2(yellow) > data3(green). I would like the bar to look like blue on top of yellow on top of green, instead of all the colors blending together due to my face alpha setting (the reason why I've set faceAlpha=0.3 is so that data beneath can actually be visible)
I hope this diagram helps explain things...

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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 14 Jul 2021
Edited: Star Strider on 14 Jul 2021
Since all the edges appear to be the same, it might be easiest to get the outputs of the histogram calls, however instead using histcounts, concatenate them into one matrix, and use the bar function to plot them as grouped bars as described in Display Groups of Bars
Example —
Edges = (1:6)/10;
Ctrs = mean(diff(Edges))/2+Edges(1:end-1);
N1 = histcounts(rand(1,100),Edges);
N2 = histcounts(rand(1,100),Edges);
N3 = histcounts(rand(1,100),Edges);
Nmtx = [N1; N2; N3];
bar(Ctrs, Nmtx)
This of course assumes that ‘Edges’ are regularly spaced.
EDIT — (14 Jul 2021 at 20:08)
The other option of coursee is to Display Stacked Bars
bar(Ctrs, Nmtx, 'stacked')

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