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How to solve trignometric equation?

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Ana Marie
Ana Marie on 21 Jul 2021
Edited: Ana Marie on 21 Jul 2021
Hi all
Could someone please let me know how to solve this equation?
tan19 = 2*cot(x)[(9*sin(x)^2 - 1)/((9*(1.4 + cos(x)^2) + 2)]
Thank you
Star Strider
Star Strider on 21 Jul 2021
There are likely an infinity of solutions —
syms x
fplot(tand(19) - 2*cotd(x)*(9*sind(x)^2-1)/(9*(1.4*cosd(x)^2)+2), [-3600 3600])

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Mudit Chaturvedi
Mudit Chaturvedi on 21 Jul 2021
I understand you are trying to solve a trignometric equation.
You can use the solve function, in particular you need to check the section about solving an equation in a variable 'x' for the variable itself.
sol = solve(eqn,x) %where x is the variable and eqn is the equation (ax = b) written as a*x == b
Please refer to this Matlab Answers link for more information.


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