How do I create a GUI that runs specific sections of code?

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Mattis Roost
Mattis Roost on 10 Aug 2021
Edited: Mattis Roost on 10 Aug 2021
Hello everyone,
I am fairly new to Matlab and I have a problem creating a GUI using App Designer. I have the following piece of code that establishes a connection to my PicoScope 2204A, generates a sine wave, measures this wave in Channel A and then plots it. It works perfectly fine:
close all;
%% Load Configuration Information
%% Device Connection
% Create a device object.
ps2000DeviceObj = icdevice('picotech_ps2000_generic.mdd');
% Connect device object to hardware.
%% Obtain Signal Generator Group Object
% Signal Generator properties and functions are located in the Instrument
% Driver's Signalgenerator group.
sigGenGroupObj = get(ps2000DeviceObj, 'Signalgenerator');
sigGenGroupObj = sigGenGroupObj(1);
%% Built-in Signal Generator
% Output a sine wave.
% Default offset (0mV) and peak to peak voltage (2000mV) values are used.
% Set the startFrequency to output a waveform with a constant frequency of
% 500Hz.
set(sigGenGroupObj, 'peakToPeakVoltage', 1000);
set(sigGenGroupObj, 'startFrequency', 1000);
% Wave type : ps2000Enuminfo.enPS2000WaveType.PS2000_SINE
[status.sigGenSimple] = invoke(sigGenGroupObj, 'setSigGenBuiltInSimple', 0);
% Obtain references to device groups to access their respective properties
% and functions.
% Block specific properties and functions are located in the Instrument
% Driver's Block group.
blockGroupObj = get(ps2000DeviceObj, 'Block');
blockGroupObj = blockGroupObj(1);
%% Device Configuration
% Set channels:
% Channel : 0 (ps2000Enuminfo.enPS2000Channel.PS2000_CHANNEL_A)
% Enabled : 1 (PicoConstants.TRUE)
% DC : 1 (DC Coupling)
% Range : 6 (ps2000Enuminfo.enPS2000Range.PS2000_1V)
[status.setChA] = invoke(ps2000DeviceObj, 'ps2000SetChannel', 0, 1, 1, 6);
% Channel : 1 (ps2000Enuminfo.enPS2000Channel.PS2000_CHANNEL_B)
% Enabled : 1 (PicoConstants.TRUE)
% DC : 1 (DC Coupling)
% Range : 7 (ps2000Enuminfo.enPS2000Range.PS2000_2V)
[status.setChB] = invoke(ps2000DeviceObj, 'ps2000SetChannel', 1, 0, 1, 7);
%% Data Collection
% Capture a block of data on Channels A and B together with times. Data for
% channels is returned in millivolts.
disp('Collecting block of data...');
% Execute device object function(s).
[samplingIntervalUs, maxBlockSamples] = invoke(blockGroupObj, 'setBlockIntervalUs', 20);
[bufferTimes, bufferChA, bufferChB, numDataValues, timeIndisposedMs] = invoke(blockGroupObj, 'getBlockData');
disp('Data collection complete.');
%% Stop the Device
% Additional blocks can be captured prior to stopping the device.
stopStatus = invoke(ps2000DeviceObj, 'ps2000Stop');
%% Process Data
% Process data as required. In this example the data is displayed in a
% figure.
disp('Plotting data...')
% Find the time units used by the driver.
timesUnits = timeunits(get(blockGroupObj, 'timeUnits'));
% Append to string.
timeLabel = strcat('Time (', timesUnits, ')');
% Plot the data.
figure1 = figure('Name','PicoScope 2000 Series Example - Block Mode Capture', ...
'NumberTitle', 'off');
plot(bufferTimes, bufferChA);
title('Block Data Acquisition');
ylabel('Voltage (mv)');
legend('Channel A');
grid on;
% Turn Off Signal Generator
% Turn off the signal generator (set the output to 0mV DC).
set(sigGenGroupObj, 'offsetVoltage', 0);
set(sigGenGroupObj, 'peakToPeakVoltage', 0);
[sigGenOffStatus] = invoke(sigGenGroupObj, 'setSigGenOff');
%% Disconnect
% Disconnect device object from hardware.
I now want to creat a GUI that goes through this code "step-by-step" with the possibility to take more than one measurement. I want it to have a "start" button that establishes the connection to the PicoScope and generates the signal, a "measurement" button that measures the signal and plots it and a "stop" button that stops the signal generator and disconnects the PicoScope. When I try to just seperate the code into three callback functions, I encounter the following problem:
The "start" button works perfectly. But when I press the "measurement" button, my app seems to have forgotten which oscilloscope I am talking about.
I think I somehow have to save the configuration data I get when executing
in properties, but I can not figure out how to do it the right way. If anyone of you knows the answer to my struggle I would really appreciate your help.
Mattis Roost
Mattis Roost on 10 Aug 2021
Thank you very much! I will try to implement your advice.

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