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How do I configure a MATLAB worker in a cluster to have the security setting of a user who submits the job?

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I am trying to run a parallel MATLAB job on a cluster. The parallel code writes the results to a folder which requires specific group/user permissions.
When I run code on the workers running locally on my machine, I am able to read or write to/from the folder without any issues since I am a user who has permission to do that folder. However, when I submit the code to the cluster, the workers can not access the folder.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 7 Jul 2020
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 7 Jul 2020
By default, on Windows the workers run as a local system user, and on Linux and Mac OS X as root users. These users might have limited access to certain directories and network mounted drives. To change this setting you will need to modify the MDCE_USER property in mdce_def.bat file. You will need to set this property to a user who has read and write permissions to the group folder.
You will need to restart the MDCE daemon for the changes to take effect by executing the following commands:
mdce stop
mdce uninstall
mdce install
mdce start
Additionally, starting with MATLAB R2010b MATLAB Distributed Computing Server allows for a finer level of job security control, where each parallel job can be run as the user who submitted it to the cluster. To enable this, set the SECURITY_LEVEL to 3 in the mdce_def file. For more information on setting the job security level in MATLAB Distributed Computing Server please refer to the following documentation:

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