Problem 1115. USC Fall 2012 ACM: Driving the Rover

This Challenge is to solve Question E, Driving the Rover, of the USC ACM Fall 2012 Contest.

The Rover is sent a Series of commands. Your task is to emulate the Rover response to the sequence and determine its "final position", [x,y]. The "final position" is the Rover location 1 second after the final command.

Initial conditions are Rover Stopped and Facing +Y.
Commands are processed at 1 second intervals
Commands and their attributes:
FORWARD: Starts rolling forward at 1 cm/s
BACKWARDS: Roll backwards at 1 cm/s
FASTER: Increase forward speed by 1 cm/s up to 5 cm/s
SLOWER: Decrease forward speed by 1 cm/s down to 0 cm/s. At 0 cm/s Rover is "Stopped"
STOP: Halts rover movement
RIGHT: Turn rover 90 degrees to the right
LEFT: Turn the rover 90 degrees to the left
NOOP: No change in anything 
Commands FORWARD, BACKWARDS, RIGHT, LEFT only take effect if the rover is stopped. A moving rover ignores these commands.
Commands FASTER and SLOWER only take effect if the rover is moving forward.

Input: [Cell array of Rover Commands]

Output: [x, y ]; Final Position 1 second after last command;

The full USC data file



Output: [3 2] as the first RIGHT is ignored

A Contest Drive solution. Time to Solve: 9 minutes. Start.

This is predecessor to the Martian Pits Challenge.

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