Problem 42638. Number of active Cody players by date

I'm looking to start a series of problems related to web scraping. In this problem, you are given a date in 'dd mmm yyyy' format and must return the total number of active Cody players as of that date. Active is defined as having a nonzero score.


numcodyplayers('1 Jan 2000') returns 0

because Cody did not exist (at least not publicly) at that time

numcodyplayers('26 Jan 2012') returns 260

because in the first week of recorded activity, 260 unique players participated.


  • Players who were active on or prior to the input date count toward the output. For instance, if the input date is yesterday, then all activity prior to 12:00am this morning should be included.
  • You may find this recent blog post helpful for getting started.
  • As tempting as it may be, I encourage you not to hard-code the answers. I will update the test suite if this becomes an issue.

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