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Converts a string representation of a color to an RGB triple

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A simple utility to convert a ColorSpec value, represented as a string, to a numeric RGB triple. This function does not use eval. One possible use is for reading a user-entered color value from an editable text box.

str2rgb('yellow') returns [1 1 0]
str2rgb('y') returns [1 1 0]
str2rgb('[1 1 0]') returns [1 1 0]
str2rgb('1 1 0') returns [1 1 0]
str2rgb('[1; 1; 0]') returns [1 1 0]
str2rgb('[0 0.5 0.91]') returns [0 0.5000 0.9100]
str2rgb('purple') returns NaN
str2rgb('[1 2]') returns NaN

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Kenneth Eaton (2022). str2rgb (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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