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3D cone connecting 2 points


Updated 30 Oct 2008

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This is an update of code plotting Cylinder by Divahar Jayaraman
it simply plots the cylinder with different radius values for top and bottom.

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Waldemar Swiercz (2021). Cone (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Seongyeon Lee

Thank you so much for an awesome code!

Manu Francis

Thanks a lot for your code. I have a cone as in your code, means I know peak point(X1), base point(X2), radius etc. If I get a point(x1,y1,z1), how can I check is that point inside or outside this cone ? Thanks in advance.


Awesome code. Just a small bug when the direction of the cone is exactly [-1 0 0] since the cross product with unit_Vx is [0 0 0] so the cone is not drawn. I solved it in my application (not very elegantly though) adding this:
if isequal((X2-X1),-unit_Vx);
axis_rot = [0 0 1];


Walton Coutinho

Thanks for the code!

Nima Moshtagh

Thanks for the code!

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Inspired by: Cylinder

Inspired: pigeon.m

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