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Serial Monitor (Debugger)

version (8.22 KB) by Ankit Desai
MATLAB substitute for Arduino's Serial Monitor (Debugger).


Updated 05 Jun 2014

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*MATLAB substitute for Arduino's Serial Monitor (Debugger)
*Displays strings printed from Arduino code using print and println.
*Allows saving of all the data to MATLAB workspace as 'serialData' variable.
*Currently does not support writing to Serial Port.

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Ankit Desai (2020). Serial Monitor (Debugger) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (9)

Excellent work with this App. Thanks for your assistance and for share!


Whitout the option of select the BaudRate, it's non interesting..!!

Alex Spacek

This looks good but baud rate selection is just as important as COM Port...

Missing the option to change the Baudrate


Is there any way I can have the app run, connect, and save the output when I tell it to via code? Thanks in advance.

Ankit Desai

All commands sent from Arduino via print and println commands will show up in the Serial Monitor.

You should be able to see the commands in the text area of the app. Clicking "Save" will save the text content to MATLAB Workspace as "SerialData" variable.

thanks ,
but how does is it work ...
can i save the data from arduino to matlab workspace with it ?
i have chosen my arduino port (COM14)
i'm using a IMU motion sensor but when i click save i got in matlab workspace : Empty string: 1-by-0


Fixed bug when only one serial port is found.

Removed HTML tags from description.

Removed a bug that prevented connect/disconnect multiple times.

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Created with R2014a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux