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Automatically label points in your plot given x and y values & an array of labels.

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Given vectors of x-values, y-values, and a vector of label names, lablepoints.m will automatically place all labels appropriately in the plot and output their handles. This function streamlines matlab's builtin text() function and greatly increases its flexibility.
xpos = [1,2,3,4]; ypos = [1,4,1,5]; labels = {'Lancaster', 'Cincinnati', 'Sofia', 'Rochester'}
h = labelpoints (xpos, ypos, labels)
(optional) Choose where you want your label relative to the data point using initials of compass directions (N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW, Center).
h = labelpoints (xpos, ypos, labels, 'N')
(optional) Add (or subtract) extra space between data points and labels by using a buffer between 0:1
h = labelpoints (xpos, ypos, labels, 'N', 0.15)
(optional) Decide whether or not the axis limits should automatically adjust if a label falls out of the axis limits (0/1)
h = labelpoints (xpos, ypos, labels, 'N', 0.15, 1)
(optional) Let labelpoints.m identify and label only the outliers in your data. Several outlier methods are available (see help labelpoints)
- Identify and label outliers that are N standard deviations from the mean
- Identify and label outliers that are greater than N times the interquartile range
- Identify and label outliers that are inside or outside of a given bound
- Identify and label outliers that are high residuals from a linear fit of the data.
(optional) Easily place texts in a list stacked downward, upward, to the left or right.
h = labelpoints (xpos, ypos, labels, 'N, 'stacked', 'down')
(optional) Rotate all labels
h = labelpoints (xpos, ypos, labels, 'rotation', 45)
(optional) Specify the font size and color of all labels
h = labelpoints (xpos, ypos, labels, 'FontSize', 12, 'Color', 'r')
The help section includes many versatile examples demonstrating labeling with numbers, strings, and symbols. This function is quite flexible as the examples show. There are only three required inputs, 3 optional inputs, and several optional parameters to increase flexibility. The outlier options may require stats toolbox.

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