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Scene Recognition and Classification

version (461 KB) by Manu BN
A Matlab code for Scene Recognition and Classification


Updated 19 Dec 2016

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This Matlab code can classify the test dataset into 15 different categories namely 'Bedroom','Coast','Forest','Highway','Industrial','InsideCity','Kitchen','LivingRoom','Mountain','Office','OpenCountry','Store','Street','Suburb','TallBuilding'.
The dataset can be downloaded from:

If not drop a comment below, I will mail it to you.
How to Run ?
1. Place the files in the path of Matlab
2. Make sure the test images are placed in a folder named 'testing'
3. Just run Classify_Scene.m
4. The results will be stored in a 'Results.txt' file
Suggestions and Comments are always welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Manu B.N

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Manu BN (2021). Scene Recognition and Classification (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (44)

Yogesh Lamture

email id:
Please send the dataset required for it ASAP.
Thanks in advance.

haokun zhang


Yetla tkelrabi

prabha A

i am not able to acess the dataset can you please suggest me some options

ahmed anis

i have a question..
i have done secmentic segmentation now i want to classify the same segmnted scene can i classify it.?


Adinda Sekarwangi

Hi Manu, Could I know how you train your data? I found the classification result is incorrect. Thank you very much


Hi,Manu,thank you for sharing the codes with us. After running, I found the classification result is incorrect. I want to know how you train this data. In addition, has anyone encountered the same problem?

Muhammad Irfan

Hi Manu B.N
Can you please provide me research paper/document related to such code?
I shall be very thankful to you.

Hi Manu,

Can u please provide me a supporting document to the work.

It will be great.



from korean.. and can i question? if start, 다음 사용 중 오류가 발생함: imread (line 349)
파일 "testing\1.jpg"이(가) 존재하지 않습니다. (not exist testing.. but i made testing folder...

오류 발생: Classify_Scene (line 95)
img=imread(['testing\',num2str(i),'.jpg']); // error message... ㅜㅜ

sst sn

Thanks for replying.
You are right, I have fixed this problem by resetting the matlab pathtool.

Manu BN

Trail_Feat.mat is included in the zip file only.

Manu BN

Looks like the inputs of svm train dosent support the dataset you have used. So check with the documentation of svmtrain.
I dont understand why are you using svmtrain when I have given the pretrained .mat files.
All you have to do is to use svm classify

sst sn

Hi, I had this problem.. Don't know how to solve this.. Could you help me? Thank you very much!

"errstring = consist(net, 'svm', X, Y);
if ~isempty(errstring);

Processing Test Image no.1
Error using svmtrain (line 59)
Data structure does not contain type field

Error in multisvm (line 45)
svmStruct = svmtrain(T,newClass,'kernel_function','rbf'); % I am using rbf kernel function,
you must change it also

Error in Classify_Scene (line 112)
result = multisvm(T,C,test);

prateek parab

Trail_Feat.mat is not provided, can anyone provide that on my email "". Thank you

Manu BN

@ Imran: You just have to put the testing images in the folder names 'testing' & run Classify_Scene.m. The results will be stored in a Results.txt file. Open it to see the classifications.
@ Malik: Train_Feat.mat is included. Plz check
@zhuzu : The link to download dataset is in the description
Thanks to all for the ratings

imran baig mohammed

Hello sir,
Thanks for sharing the code. I have a question?? i tried to run your program but did not get where to place the training set and testing set. Can u please make it clear for to exactly run the program????
Thanks in advance.


Trail_Feat.mat is missing please send me this file


Is there any research paper related to this code with result


no data set found...

lal said


hi, thank you for sharing the codes with us.can you send me the dataset via email, and the email addr is

Fatima Harfouchi

mo Wang

hi, can you send me the dataset via email,
and the email addr is

Hello, Could you send me the dataset?

mo Wang

hi, the dataset is missing?
when i visit to the download page, it returned 404.

Manu BN

@ SST: It happens in the first run. So have 500 iterations and find average accuracy. If it is still low, find a new feature set

sst sn

No offense, I don't know if I have done something wrong, why the accuracy of testing all pictures of this ucf dataset is only about 23%..

Manu BN

@ sst : thanks for the dataset

sst sn

I have searched for UCF dataset with 15 categories, but nothing found.. sad

sst sn

can u send a dateset to my email? Thank you very much!!

prateek parab

no data set

Riffat Tahir

no data set found

Riffat Tahir

not any dataset is found.kindly mail me

Manu BN

hey somehow I have lost the dataset on dropbox and on my hard drive also. Plz search in google for UCF dataset with 15 categories.

I will try my best to get it back ASAP.

vivek mahale

r/sir, i need data set


Hi Bro,
Can you upload the data

Manu BN

I can give you some hints. Plz rate the project if you find it useful.


sir i want to do classification of vehicles .can u please help

Manu BN

Spatial Interest Points

Luu Thanh

Hello, I have a question ?
What are discriptors (feature extraction) you used in you solution ?
Thank you !

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