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Leaf Shape Extraction

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A Matlab code to extract the shape of leaves


Updated 27 Jan 2016

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A Matlab code is written to extract the shape of leaves using Sobel, Canny, Prewitt and Roberts filters. Change the threshold values of ech to get better results, as I have used the ones given in the paper.
How to run ??
1. Place the folder in Matlab path, add all the folder and subfolders to the path.
2. Run LeafShapeExtract.m
3. Select an image from the Leaf Dataset
4. Observe results on command window

The code is based on the paer below, please cite and give credit to the authors:
[1] Amlekar, M. M., et al. "Leaf shape extraction for plant classification." Pervasive Computing (ICPC), 2015 International Conference on. IEEE, 2015.

Suggestions and comments are always welcome,

Thanks in advance,

Manu B.N

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Comments and Ratings (7)

Jambu Jua

good.. where dataset leaf ?

Pooja Hiremath

Otherwise plx tell me how to make changes in this to classify between only healthy and unhealthy leaves

Mahfuzah Mukim

Manu BN

Use latest version of WinZip. Change .zipx to .zip and try.
It definitely works, I checked it again.

Eshaal esha

its not going to unzip..or it show an un detectable form after unzipping

Manu BN

Use the latest version of winzip.....In the code alter the thresolds and observe results.

Ali Ibrahim

Unfortunatly couldnt get the MATLB file (Don't have the software to unzip .zipx file).
Any suggestion?

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