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Hi,everyone this Vigneshwar Pesaru would like to submit my flow time evalaution objective

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Hi every one,
This is Vigneshwar Pesaru would like to share my flow time evaluation code for the scheduling problem in the manufacturing enterprise.
It basically solves the total flow time of all the jobs which are undergoing the various operations on set of sequence of machines.
Basic Definition:
There are n machines and m jobs. Each job contains exactly n operations. The i-th operation of the job must be executed on the i-th machine. No machine can perform more than one operation simultaneously. For each operation of each job, execution time is specified.
Operations within one job must be performed in the specified order. The first operation gets executed on the first machine, then (as the first operation is finished) the second operation on the second machine, and so until the n-th operation. Jobs can be executed in any order, however. Problem definition implies that this job order is exactly the same for each machine. The problem is to determine the optimal such arrangement, i.e. the one with the shortest possible total job execution makespan.
Description of Flowshop:
The Permutation flow shop is described as follows: the set of J = {1,2,K,n} denotes n jobs, and the set of
M = {1,2,K,m} denotes m machines. Each job follows the same order of machines and passes
through each machine only once. The constraints of the FSP are the following:
(1) One machine can process at most one operation at a time.
(2) For the first machine, all jobs are available at time t = 0.
(3) There are no precedence relationships between different jobs
(4) There are precedence relationships between different operations of one job. That is, one job
can start on machine j only when it is completed on machine j −1.
(5) Preemption is not permitted; i.e., once an operation is started, it must be completed without
(6) The operating sequences of the jobs are the same on every machine. That is to say, if one job
is at the i th operation on machine 1, then this job will be at the i th position on all the
The objective of FSP is to seek a schedule that minimizes the total flowtime.

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