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Sun Position (VSOP87)

version 1.0.0 (9.34 MB) by Meysam Mahooti
VSOP87 defines the analytical solutions to the motions of the solar system planets


Updated 23 Jun 2020

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The main version of VSOP87 defines elliptic variables for the planets as a function of time.
The VSOP data provides the following elliptic variables:
A the semi-major axis in Astronomic Units (AU where 1AU = 149597870.7km)
L the mean longitude
k = e cos π where e is the eccentricity and π is the longitude of the perihelion
h = e sin π
q = sin i/2 cos Ω where i is inclination and Ω is the longitude of the ascending node
p = sin i/2 sin Ω
The calculations are based on the time in Julian centuries after the J2000 epoch 2000-01-01 12:00:00.
T = (JDE - 2451545)/365250

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