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I am a graduate of the 104th Training Corps and former member of the Military Police Brigade.


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Interactive Broker connection break mid-way, cause data request stuck in a while loop
At the end of your code close the connection. It only needs to be open when requesting. If you leave it open it'll timeout and y...

5 meses ago | 0

trader workstation of interactive broker doesn't connect to matlab
There is no authorization box that comes up. You're connected with localhost which is already allowed. I would also recommend ...

7 meses ago | 0

Trading Toolbox (V3.5) NOT working with latest IB API
The guy's contract is not valid. I'm not subscribed to GLOBEX so I cannot request ES. Also, you cannot use SMART as an exchang...

7 meses ago | 0

'Unable to read beyond the end of the stream.' with ibtws
You need to be subscribed to realtime data on IB. You need these subscriptions on IBKR: CBOE Realtime: $1/m US Equity and Op...

7 meses ago | 1

access fundamental data from matlab with the Trading Toolbox
Yes, it's possible... but, data is returned in XML... it'll take a lot of work to cleanup the XML file... a LOT. The code below ...

7 meses ago | 1

Create "Adaptive Algo" Order - Interactive Broker API
I have not tested this, but it should work. I'm about 99.75% sure. Let me know how it goes. If you want to change the algo, the ...

8 meses ago | 3

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Problem getting data from ibtws
Please set the primaryExchange to 'SMART', they cannot be different from my testing. In some cases you need to run the command t...

8 meses ago | 0

ConnectToIBTWSOnLocalMachineExample not working
You're running the latest version of Matlab which corrected this issue. I assume you are not running the latest API from TWS. It...

8 meses ago | 0