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engPutVariable() long and what workspace
I'm trying to use engPutVariable and engGetVariable to transfer blocks of data between C and a Matlab engine. Two related ques...

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How to get rid of The RPC server is unavailable Error?

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What is a Double Array
"What is a M,N... double array"'s an array of doubles, DP values had me confused for a moment there, myself

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What frustrates you about MATLAB? #2
"Wishlist threads (#1 #2 #3 #4 #5): bugs and feature requests for Matlab Answers Frustation threads (#1 #2): frustations about ...

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How can I monitor how much memory MATLAB is using?
"I have a program that is memory intensive and I want to monitor how much memory MATLAB is using so that if it goes above a cert...

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Error problem with evalString
I don't see any documentation that says that evalstring needs a buffer. I'd try running it with setvisible and without engoutput...

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How do I install on Ubuntu?
The basic problem is that "Linux Matlab" was initially only compatible with RedHat based Linux and has gained compatibility with...

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How to transfer Data Between Two Computers Using GUI MATLAB
fprintf(udpA,'number two.') what exactly is your terminator [hint: add a \l or a \n to the above string] if you use get(hpi...

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Installation problem Release 2019b installer with CentOS 8
./bin/glnxa64/install_unix_legacy -input_file=./custom_installer_input.txt

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Installing Matlab in Linux without “sudo” level access?
I'd start with the MATLAB Online service and worry about installing it directly onto hardware (real or virtual) when you need to...

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