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B.E. (Electrical), M.E.(Instrumentation),
M.E.(Electrical Power Systems)
Ph. D.(Electrical Engineering)
Asso. Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Govt. College of Engineering,
M.S. India


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how to use dot convention of transformer in simulink
For dot conventions of transformer you may find my following submission usefull

14 días ago | 0

Mesh plot of data over a parallelogram grid
% just sharing if any one needed for 3d points % filling parallogram between two position vectors, % can also an be used to ...

29 días ago | 0

How can I plot a 3D plane knowing its center point coordinates and its Normal
% ax+by+cz+d plane % 3x+2y+6z+2 plane y =linspace(-4,4,51); a=3;b=2;c=6;d=2; x...

29 días ago | 0

How can I add a comment on a curve ?
x=0:1:100; y=x.^2 x1=-100:2:10; y2=x1.^2 plot (x,y,x1,y2) text(20,5000,' this curve 1 \rightarrow')

alrededor de 2 meses ago | 0

How to plot a cone in 3D.
[X,Y,Z]=cylinder([0 .5],50 ); axis([0 1,-1 1,-.5 .5]) M=makehgtform('translate',[0,0,0],'xrotate',pi/4,'yrotate',pi/2); h=sur...

2 meses ago | 0

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Plotting letter "D" on 3D space
i=0; for theta=90:5:270 i=i+1; points(i,:)=[0.05*(cosd(theta))+0.05 0.05*sind(theta)-0.01 0.00]; % find D alphabets point...

3 meses ago | 0


Is there any option like zline?
I have drawn a 3D plot in app.UIAxes and added x and y axis by xline and y line, but not able to add zaxis line. why I am doing ...

3 meses ago | 1 answer | 0



when I ran a MATLAB app I created I get Warning: Marker input is ignored in command prompt. What this means
Thanks for the reply, i got the reson of error but i want markers to be shown below. Please suggest how to supress warning.

4 meses ago | 0

| accepted

How do I create a single instance of MATLAB app (.mlapp file)?
In design View of App designer you can select(enable) Single Running Instance Option in code options.

4 meses ago | 0



Symmetrical Components in matlab
The function sc2abc is not a matlab function. unless you add that function, you will not get answer. The function sc2abc may be ...

4 meses ago | 0