Göteborg, Sweden


Aktiviteten - Goteborg
Lindholmspiren 5
Göteborg, 41756



There are several car parks in the area. You can also park free nearby. Ask Aktiviteten for details.


These hotels are situated in the vicinity of the facility, and you may want to contact them for accommodation reservations. You may also want to mention the facility name when booking, to utilize any discounts that the facility may have with the hotel.

Quality Hotel 11
Maskingatan 11
417 64 Goteborg
Tel:   +46 31 779 11 11

Clarion Collection Hotel Odin
Odinsgatan 6
SE-41103 Göteborg
Tel:   +46 31 745 22 00

Center Hotel - Sure Hotel
Stora Badhusgatan 28
SE-41121 Göteborg
Tel:   +46 31 17 40 50

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