Downlink Channels

5G NR downlink channel processing for physical signals and channels, transport channels, and control information

Use 5G Toolbox™ downlink channel processing functions to:

  • Create physical signals and channels for transmission and reception.

  • Create, encode, and decode transport channels.

  • Encode and decode downlink control information messages.

Use these functions as golden reference for verification and conformance testing when implementing the downlink processing chain of NR systems and devices. You can also modify and customize the functions and use them as custom reference models in your implementation.

  • Physical Signals
    5G NR primary and secondary synchronization signals and demodulation reference signals
  • Physical Channels
    5G NR physical broadcast channel (PBCH), physical downlink shared channel (PDSCH), and physical downlink control channel (PDCCH)
  • Transport Channels
    5G NR broadcast channel (BCH) and downlink shared channel (DL-SCH)
  • Control Information
    5G NR downlink control information (DCI) encoding and decoding

Featured Examples