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Get current lane of actor


cl = currentLane(ac) returns the current lane, cl, of an actor, ac.


[cl,numlanes] = currentLane(ac) also returns the number of road lanes, numlanes.


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Obtain the current lane boundaries of cars during a driving scenario simulation.

Create a driving scenario containing a straight, three-lane road.

scenario = drivingScenario;
roadCenters = [0 0; 80 0];
road(scenario,roadCenters,'Lanes',lanespec([1 2],'Width',3));

Add an ego vehicle moving at 20 meters per second and a target vehicle moving at 10 meters per second.

ego = vehicle(scenario,'ClassID',1,'Position',[5 0 0], ...
smoothTrajectory(ego,[1 0 0; 20 0 0; 30 0 0;50 0 0],20);

target = vehicle(scenario,'ClassID',1,'Position',[5 0 0], ...
smoothTrajectory(target,[5 -3 0; 20 -3 0; 30 -3 0;50 -3 0],10);

Plot the scenario.


Run the simulation loop.

while advance(scenario)
    [cl1,numlanes] = currentLane(ego);
    [cl2,numlanes] = currentLane(target);

Display the current lane of each vehicle.



Input Arguments

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Actor belonging to a drivingScenario object, specified as an Actor or Vehicle object. To create these objects, use the actor and vehicle functions, respectively.

Output Arguments

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Current lane of the actor, returned as a positive integer. Lanes are numbered from left to right, relative to the actor, starting from 1. When the actor is not on a road or is on a road without any lanes specified, cl is returned as empty, [].

Number of lanes on the road that the actor is traveling on, returned as a positive integer. When the actor is not on a road or is on a road without any lanes specified, numlanes is returned as empty, [].

Version History

Introduced in R2018a

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