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Reports and Scripts

Traceability, optimization, and resource reports; standards compliance, synthesis scripts



Create and Use Code Generation Reports

Describes how to generate a report including information on the generated code and suggestions for optimization. You can view the report in an HTML browser. The report supports bidirectional tracing between the generated code and the source blocks in your model.

Generate HDL Coding Standard Report from Simulink

Generate an HDL coding standard report from your Simulink® model by using the Workflow Advisor or at the command line.

Navigate Between Simulink Model and HDL Code by Using Traceability

Even a relatively small model can generate hundreds of lines of HDL code.

HDL Coding Standard Report

What an HDL coding standard report is, the rule summary, and how you can fix warnings or errors related to rule violations.

Web View of Model in Code Generation Report

Include a Web view of the model to share your model and generated code outside of the MATLAB environment.

Trace Code Using the Mapping File

How to use a mapping file to trace generated HDL entities back to the corresponding systems in your model

Find Feedback Loops

Highlight feedback loops that are inhibiting optimizations.

Critical Path Estimation Without Running Synthesis

Find the estimated critical paths in your design without using third-party synthesis tools.


Properties for Controlling Script Generation

This section describes how to set properties in the makehdl or makehdltb functions to enable or disable script generation and customize the names and content of generated script files.

Generate Multicycle Path Information Files

Using multicycle constraint files to realize more efficient hardware for multirate designs

Generate Scripts for Compilation, Simulation, and Synthesis

Command line properties and GUI options for customizing script files

Configure Compilation, Simulation, Synthesis, and Lint Scripts

You set options that configure script file generation on the EDA Tool Scripts pane.

Generate HDL Lint Tool Script

Generate an HDL lint tool script from Simulink to check the generated code with third-party lint tools.

Configure Synthesis Project Using Tcl Script

Add Tcl script that configures your synthesis project