matlab.general Settings

General settings including matfile settings

You can customize MATLAB® using the matlab.general settings. Access matlab.general settings using the root SettingsGroup object returned by the settings function. For example, set the temporary value for the MAT-file save format to 'v7.3' (where the default is 'v7').

s = settings;
s.matlab.general.matfile.SaveFormat.TemporaryValue = 'v7.3'

For more information about settings, see Access and Modify Settings.


MAT-File version to save MAT-files to, specified as 'v7.3', 'v7', or 'v6'.

For more information about MAT-file versions, see MAT-File Versions.

Example: s.matlab.general.matfile.SaveFormat.TemporaryValue = 'v7.3'

Introduced in R2018a