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Scan Parameter Ranges

Explore simulation results over ranges of quantity values

Generate simulation results for a range of parameter values to better understand the impact of parameter changes on your model behavior.


SimBiology Model BuilderBuild QSP, PK/PD, and mechanistic systems biology models interactively (Since R2020b)
SimBiology Model AnalyzerAnalyze QSP, PK/PD, and mechanistic systems biology models (Since R2019b)


sbiosimulateSimulate SimBiology model
sbioacceleratePrepare model object for accelerated simulations
sbiosampleparametersGenerate parameters by sampling covariate model (requires Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox software)
sbiosampleerrorSample error based on error model and add noise to input data
addconfigsetCreate configuration set object and add to model object
addobservableAdd observable object to SimBiology model (Since R2020a)
getconfigsetGet configuration set object from model object
createSimFunctionCreate SimFunction object
sbioplotPlot simulation results in one figure
sbiosubplotPlot simulation results in subplots
sbiotrellisPlot data or simulation results in trellis plot


SimDataSimulation data
ConfigsetSolver settings information for model simulation
SolverOptionsSimBiology model solver options
RuntimeOptionsOptions for logged SimBiology quantity components
CompileOptionsCompile options for SimBiology models
SimFunctionFunction-like interface to execute SimBiology models
SimFunctionSensitivity objectSimFunctionSensitivity object, subclass of SimFunction object
ScenariosSimulation scenarios (Since R2019b)