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Assessments and Criteria

Logical and temporal verification, data comparison, specialized results processing

Functional testing includes assessing simulation behavior and comparing simulation data to expected results. You can assess simulation behavior by:

  • Using temporal and logical assessments in a test case.

  • Including verify statements and other operators in a Test Assessment or Test Sequence block.

  • Using blocks from the Model Verification library.

You can assess simulation data by:

  • Using value or time tolerances when comparing simulation data to baseline data.

  • Using a custom criteria script to process simulation data.

For an overview of the different verification methods, see Assess Simulation and Compare Output Data.


Observer ReferenceCreate and contain an Observer model
Observer PortWirelessly link signals to use with verification
Test AssessmentAssess simulation testing scenarios, function calls, and assessments
Sequence ViewerDisplay messages, events, states, transitions, and functions between blocks during simulation
AssertionCheck whether signal is zero


Test ManagerModel and code testing in different execution environments, manage test suites, and analyze and report results

Test Sequence Syntax Operators

verifyAssess logical expression
assertEvaluate logical expression
etElapsed time of test step
tElapsed time of simulation
afterElapsed time since beginning of test step
beforeElapsed time until specified time in test step
durationElapsed time since beginning of test step
hasChangedDetect data change in test step
hasChangedFromDetect data change from specified value in test step
hasChangedToDetect data change to specified value in test step
squareSquare wave test signal
sawtoothSawtooth wave test signal
triangleTriangle wave test signal
rampRamp signal for test signal generation
heavisideHeaviside step test signal
latchSave value of an expression


Assess Simulation and Compare Output Data

An overview of use cases and methods for assessing simulation behavior and comparing simulation output to expected output, including signal comparison, custom criteria, verify statements, and run-time assessments in the model.

Assess Temporal Logic by Using Temporal Assessments

Use temporal assessments to assess model timing and verify temporal signal logic in the System Under Test.

Logical and Temporal Assessment Syntax

Learn about the types of logical and temporal assessments and their syntax.

Assess Model Simulation Using verify Statements

Connect Test Assessment blocks to your model, author verify statements, and verify multiple conditions in the same time step.

Verify Multiple Conditions at a Time

Including multiple verify statements in a single test step using if statements.

Test Sequence and Assessment Syntax

Operators and expressions used in Test Sequence and Test Assessment blocks and Stateflow® charts.

Access Model Data Wirelessly by Using Observers

Wirelessly access signal and data information.

Set Signal Tolerances

Specify value and time tolerances for baseline and equivalence criteria.

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