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Prepare and Analyze Data

Filter, transform, and respond to data in MATLAB®

Use the MATLAB Analysis app to prepare, filter, and analyze data such as calculating average humidity, calculating dew point, and eliminating data outliers from a ThingSpeak™ channel. ThingSpeak allows you to use MATLAB to analyze and visualize your data. The analysis and visualization apps provide template code to assist you with basic operations on historic or live data. These tutorials take you step by step through each code template. Use code template tutorials to get started with ThingSpeak. Use the apps to convert from one unit to another, compare different or similar data on the same plot, or visualize the statistical distribution of your data.

You can Add Functions to Scripts (MATLAB) in the MATLAB Analysis and MATLAB Visualizations apps to allow for modular coding. In addition to the built-in MATLAB functions, you can also use functions from the toolboxes mentioned in Access MATLAB Add-On Toolboxes.


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thingSpeakReadRead data stored in ThingSpeak channel
thingSpeakWriteWrite data to ThingSpeak channel


Generate MATLAB Code

MATLAB Analysis App

Analyze the data in a channel.

Prepare Data

Regularize Irregularly Sampled Data

Update timestamps of data in a ThingSpeak™ channel to remove irregularity.

Identify Irregularly Sampled Data

Identify irregularly sampled data in a ThingSpeak channel.

Aggregate Data in ThingSpeak Channel

Collect and process data in a ThingSpeak channel

Analyze Historical Data

Calculate and Display Average Humidity

This example demonstrates how to read data from a channel, analyze the data, and display the result.

Calculate High and Low Temperatures

This example demonstrates how to read data, identify certain elements, and display the results.

Remove Outliers from Wind Speed Data

This example shows how to read data from a public channel, modify the data, and display select elements.

Analyze Live Data

Calculate Wind Chill and Update Channel

This example shows how to read data from a public channel, analyze the data, and schedule the code to run at regular intervals.

Read Live Web Data for Vessels at the Port of Boston

This example demonstrates how to scrape the latest live data from a website and display it.

Convert Temperature Units

This example shows how to read data, perform a calculation using the data, and display the result.

Read ThingSpeak Data and Predict Battery Discharge Time with Linear Fit

Read data for regression and prediction

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