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Grouped Bar Plot coloring - specific colors for specific indexes in a particular group

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Kyle Stanhouse
Kyle Stanhouse on 5 Dec 2013
I am trying to get a grouped bar plot with different colors for specific indexes within a group (not setting the colors for each whole group!). That is, for group 1 (of 3 groups for each index or x value ), I need some of them to be one color and others to be a different color. I've searched the question and answers on the board and I've seen 'looped' solutions for non-grouped bar plots but I can't figure out how to access the handle of a particular index of a group and manually set it's color.
My bar plot looks something like this: bar([x_idxs],[[y_vals group 1] [y_vals group 2] [y_vals group 3]]);
I've figured out how to change the color of any one of the groups to be what i want using 'set' and 'get' (and cdata or through other means), but how do i reference a particular index of a group?
I'm guessing other possible approaches include:
Plotting, one at a time (in a loop, using 'hold on'), the elements from each group - incrementally add (indexes of a group) to the bar plot with different color characteristics
otherwise stated - take element 1 from each of the groups and plot, take element 2 from each of the groups and plot, etc....
Or, plotting whole groups and then adding groups that have already been colored appropriately?
...but I can't get either of these to work.
Can anyone help me? Pleeeeeaaaaaaase!
Thanks, Kyle Stanhouse

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