How can i save after each loop the variable in the same vector?

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Hey everybody,
I have a problem. I was writing a for loop. After the loop everytime the solution is printed to a textdocument. After the loop I load the text file again and work with this variables. Is it easier to store the solutions in a vector instead of a textfile. Is there any possibility to change that?
I looking forward to hearing about someones help.
Kind regards Chris

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Chandrasekhar on 8 Apr 2014
Hi Chris. Its better to maintain a vector of the results instead of writing into a text file and again loading it. If you want to save the data then you can save in the .mat format which you can reuse later.
Chandrasekhar on 8 Apr 2014
Edited: Chandrasekhar on 8 Apr 2014
For eg:
vec = [];
for i = 1:10
vec(i) = i;
eval('save vector vec');
vec is vector of 10 values of every loop without overwriting. vector.mat contains the vec variable

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Abhishek M
Abhishek M on 8 Apr 2014
Edited: Abhishek M on 8 Apr 2014
Hi Chris,
Try this
for i=1:b
for l=1:b
matA{l,:}=A; %%%% responsible for holding old iteration values

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