simulink in parfor and for: different results

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Arco on 12 Apr 2014
Commented: Edric Ellis on 4 Jun 2014
I have a Simulink-Simulation. I need many evaluations with different parameters, therefore, i tried parallel computing.
The strange thing is: when i run the simulation on the matlab "workers" in a parfor loop, i get a different result compared to when i run it in a normal for-loop.
What could be the reason?
Thank you in advance, Arco Bast
Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 4 Jun 2014
There are very occasional slight numerical differences caused by the fact that workers run in single-computational-thread mode. Try launching the MATLAB desktop client with the "-singleCompThread" command-line argument and comparing results.

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Answers (1)

Abhishek M
Abhishek M on 14 Apr 2014
Hi Arco, This problem arises when you aren't doing anything to save the results of the parfor loop iterations. You need introduce a new output variable and then assign your parfor output to this new variable in order to save them.


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