New MATLAB version overrides my function with class method. Can I still call my function?

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I had a function in a file harmonic.m in my matlab path with prototype:
function D = harmonic(A,B,C) where, importantly, A is expected to be a matrix of type double.
In version r2014a, apparently MATLAB has created a new builtin class method double.harmonic. Thus when I call my function I get an error inside the wrong harmonic. It doesn't help that my harmonic is closer in the path list (which harmonic reveals my path) because my first input is A and harmonic(A,B,C) seems to be equivalent to A.harmonic(B,C).
Is there any way to call my function directly? To ignore this double.harmonic function? I know I can create a function handle from the path, but that's nasty. I'm looking for a more elegant solution or workaround. The most obvious being change my function's name, but then I'll feel bullied : - (.

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