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Simulink model window keeps deactivating itself

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Eric on 16 Feb 2011
I have Matlab/Simulink installed on my Macbook, and whenever I open a new Model window in Simulink, it'll deactivate itself (I'm not sure the technical term, but I have to click on it again to "re-highlight" it so I can work in the workspace). What would this be due to?


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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 16 Feb 2011
The technical term I heard is "bringing something into focus".
I found the following description from another user with R2010b: "I am using mac OS X.6 and I have a model open. I open other dialogs and when I close them the model loses focus and moves behind MATLAB." Does this match with what you see? In this case, I am not aware of workarounds and Development is informed to address it.


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